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Simply living a healthy life / loosing weight stressfree and permanently

This basically means following the  concept of healthy lifestyle
in which the self-responsibility of the individual for their  health plays an important role. Loosing weight to feel better  - the goal ist to create stressfree and suitable solutions for the individual everyday life.
A healthy lifestyle  can be simply paraphrased:  
the superfluous, the harmful factors are reduced, 

and what is missing is completed. 
There might be  some "extremists" who even manage to omit the superfluous,

The harmful factors are known to increase the risk of disease.
Once you're feeling the improvement of your wellbeing through praciticing your individual healthy lifestyle - the rest is easy!
The detailed vitality assessment in the first session might open your eyes to the mode of your present lifestyle.
In the first session, we often recognize links that lead to an “unhealthy” way of life.
Awareness is the first path to improvement!
Based on three important pillars:

Exercice                      Nutrition                    Relaxation
you will receive recommendations on how 
your personal healthy life style  can improve your daily well-being.

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