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Living with food allergies and intolerances

Allergies are overreactions of our immune system.

Not only can they be very uncomfortable, but in rare cases of anaphylactic shock, they can also be life threatening. Due to the increased release of histamine, allergies cause tissue swelling and inflammation.

Intolerances are also a reaction of our immune system - they are caused by other mechanisms within the intestines or the stomach.
Intolerances mainly cause fatigue, stomach aches or headaches, and other inconveniences.

An important part of the immune system is located in the intestinal mucosa:
The intestinal mucosa forms a border between the harmful and the beneficial.
This requires the best possible intestinal flora and the most balanced microbiome possible.
The microbiome refers to all of the micro-organisms colonizing humans, in particular intestinal bacteria (intestinal flora).
The intestinal flora and the microbiome are of immense importance for our health.


Our intestines are also called our  gut brain.
The gut is not just a part of our digestive ystem
Did you know there are 150 million neurons
in the enteric nervous system -
more than in the spinal cord?
The enteric nervous system is in constant exchange with our
central nervous system.


Advice on a

optimally composed intestinal flora,
as well as a well functioning intestinal mucosa 
and certainly  your individual diet
are  THE important basis for your well-being.

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